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    The instruction at .referenced memory at .The memory could not be read

    "The instruction at...referenced memory at....The memory could not be read"

    Im having this message when I try to run my scripts. Sometimes, they start running but never end and in the Error Log page shows: "Unable to retrieve File:..tof from repository.

    Does anyone can help me??

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    Re: The instruction at .referenced memory at .The memory could not be read

    More information about your configuration required to troubleshoot this problem. It is basically a memory access issue that will be very specific on the Tests, Scripts and other setup you are trying to run.

    You should reduce the complexity of your setup to the absolute minimum that still causes the problem to try and isolate the actual problem. Posting giving us a huge complicated scenario is unlikely to help anyone [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img]
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