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Thread: OpenSTA problem

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    OpenSTA problem


    Its Client-Server application. The web server and the application server are installed on the same machine. The name server for Open STA is also on this machine itself.

    The application server is a service which needs to be started manually after the system boots up.

    I record all the events and then close this browser.

    SessionID is used by many URL, throughout the application, hence i capture this in the beginning from the very first URL ie Login Page and replace it in all the URLs using a variable. Similarly there is other that is dynamic in nature, so all possible things that change over a session are replaced appropriately.

    Now I run this script, which executes perfectly. Untill I reboot the system, it runs perfectly for any number of times. But once i restart the system, it fails in the second URL itself. Only the Login succeeds, but the code where it extracts the session id, sets nothing into the variable. Hence all the remaining URLs that use this session id fail.

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    Re: OpenSTA problem

    Actually, its not the system reboot, but the IIS restart that causes the problem.

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    Re: OpenSTA problem

    Your session modeling is not working properly. You need to revisit how you have coded the SCL to cope with this. The SCL scripts that the recording process generates will only work properly for the most basic of session handling - anything else can be achieved with custom coding and knowledge of your Web application.
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    Re: OpenSTA problem


    my problem is solved actually. The problem was with the cookies. I was not handling that.

    Thanks guys.



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