I am pleased to announce the third bugfix release of the OpenSTA 1.4 series. This release contains some small bug fixes but mostly it is to make available big changes to the build system and source organization. Because of this, the recommendation is only to upgrade if you feel like taking a small risk :-)

The Microsoft Windows installable (MSI) and the source package are being made available from the OpenSTA SourceForge file area:

The changes in this release (from 1.4.1) are:
* bugs fixed:
225790 - "Export to Excel" gets header text for data columns
728102 - URL in HTTP stats exported to csv no longer truncated
728358 - Icon transparency issues in Modeler fixed
699730,699741 - OpenSTA dataname verification in GUIs
* include the NEWS.txt and BUGS.txt file in the MSI installation
* minor help updates
* make sure most of the installed binaries have correct version resources and improve code structure to make it easier to update product versions
* many and varied improvements to the build
* system, including completely clean build (no warnings) and ability to build under latest Microsoft Platform SDK (although not yet recommended)

Any problems with the product toolset should, as usual, be reported at:

Thank you,

Daniel Sutcliffe
OpenSTA part-time Caretaker

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