I've a query regarding using a Proxy Server while recording browser actions. The steps I carried are as follows:
1.The site I want to test requires a HTTPS
request through corporate proxy server
only.(not a local machine as a proxy)
2.I made following changes in the proxy
settings of the browser(IE 5.5)
a. Specified valid address (name) of
the corporate proxy server(different
from the local machine)
b.Port (which is 8080 in our case).
3.In Script Modeller, I didn't change
anything under gateway. All the options
are the default ones. (Selected 'Local'
radio button)
4.Clicked Recording button. It opens a
browser session, and after keying valid
HTTPS URL, it simply displays - 'The page
can not be displayed' message.
5.Surprisingly the proxy setting in browser
(IE 5.5) is also changed. The address is
changed to the local machine and the port
is changed to 81. Ultimately I's not able
to record anything.

I wanted to know-
1.If it supports to specify a proxy server
manually (in the browser),why its getting
changed to the local machine?
2.And in first place, can I test using the
corporate proxy server?

Let me know if I need to provide any other details.