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    OPENSTA -- need help

    Hello there,
    There is an ASP page for adding user name and email address into DB.
    And it use "RDS DataSpace object " for inserting data to DB.

    I used IE browser to access this page and do the add function, it works well
    without any problem.
    While I tried to use OPENSTA script modeler to record the page with the
    same procedure, it shows an error message (VBscript runtime error message --
    0x800700e8 -- cannot use RDS)..and the data cannot be inserted.

    My Client environment are:
    Win2000 Professional OS,
    Win2000 Service pack2 and 3 hotfix files for windows2000
    IE5.5 sp2

    I tried to install OPENSTA into a 2000 server environment. Tried the same
    procedure as above.
    And OpenSta recording works well. The difference is that 2000 server didn't
    installed any service and patchs.

    Any idea to solve this problem?
    Any response would be appreciated! Thanks!


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    Re: OPENSTA -- need help

    Hmmm ..looks like I didn't clear this question enough...so no one help me and give me any idea.

    My question is:
    Does OpenSTA gateway proxy would affect to RDS's Dataspace createobject?
    It looks like the problem caused by OpenSTA gateway.

    Any ideas?


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