Hi OSTA Forum members,

This is just a quick announcement to let all of you know that we will be reducing the cost of the OpenSTA Documentation and CD set to $100. This is down from its current price of $250. This new price starts 30-OCT-01 EST.

The OpenSTA Documentation/CD set can be ordered on-line at:

Information about what is contained in the set is also available from:

As a special "thank you" to OSTA Forum members, we'll be including an OpenSTA bottle opener with each Doc set ordered by a member.

Hey, its not much - but at least the bottle opener looks cool and it will give you something to open your bottle of beer with whilst hacking on OpenSTA. ;-)

As usual feedback on OSTA is always welcome.

Noelle Kristen Beaudin <nobeau@tcnow.com>
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