HI all,
Am able to record a secured URL by replacing HTTPS with http://{xxxxxx.yyy but the thing is during replay am getting the following error in output window

1) TModeller_Web.exe|3012|1-1|TRY|28|E* ERROR: Connection to on port 443 failed.
TModeller_Web.exe|3012|1-1|TRY|28|E* TScript::run: ERROR in TOF execution; resuming...
TModeller_Web.exe|3012|1-1|TRY|37|E* HTTPRESPONSE: No data available for connection id(1)
TModeller_Web.exe|3012|1-1|TRY|37|E* TScript::run: ERROR in TOF execution; resuming.

I already tried disabling the firewall but it didn't work out.

Your help would be greatly appreciated!