i am new to openSTA and using openSTA 1.4.4 on a winxp pro SP2 computer, however i have a question :

how can i generate scripts for the cases below ?

there will be 1500 users logging into my page and then requesting another url. the cases are :

1- those 1500 people can individually login into page and request the url, so that at any time there can be any number of users. this is the easy case that i can generate only one script with a browser session, and set the VU count to 1500.

2- all 1500 people will login, and then they will begin to request the url, so that i will be able to check the load on server when all the users are logged in and requesting url, and then after requesting the url, the VUs can log off, and the test can finish. my problem is in this second case. can you please help me how to achieve this ??

thank you all.