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Thread: HTTPS calls

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    HTTPS calls


    I have read almost all the post for recording HTTPS and also read the post in Portal.org.

    Finally out of all the post most of them or not sucess for recording an application in HTTPS.Is it true?
    Having no clu about the sucessor for recording HTTPS site

    I have to record an application where it will login with HTTP and for some activity it will redirect to HTTPS site automatically.I am unable to go the automatic SSL site while recording.Can you explain me why?

    As per some of post OpenSTA doesn't support the HTTPS site which redirects automatically.Is it so?Kindly confirm Plz.

    I had an another issue, even I am unable to record an https site directly by giving the URL in the blank page as http://{servername/

    what is wrong?
    How to proceed?

    kindly guide me to proceed my work.

    Awaiting for the reply

    Thanks for the support

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    Re: HTTPS calls

    Read this thread. It explains the situation well:

    Joe Strazzere
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    Re: HTTPS calls

    Thanks for your reply

    I have read the post, in the same way I did for recording a HTTPS site .

    Please find the steps I followed

    1. Open the script modeler
    2. Click the record button for the new script
    3. IE will be poped up.
    4. Enter the URL as http://{Servername

    I would also like to point out, in our organisation we have a pop up where to enter the user credentials to login into internet site.I have to connect to the application which is in internet site.
    I have given the crendtials but the Opensta is not taking those crendtials no clu why?

    In another case recorded the application in HTTP and in between it redirects to the HTTPS site(P.S. Again call for HTPPS site is in internet so I will get our organisation popup for the user crenditals)
    I have also confirmed with my development team there is no java script that constructs a url using code.
    Its a static url given in the action.

    I want to confirm Is there any problem for security alert pop up ? Will open sta cannot identify those?

    Kindly clarify

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    Re: HTTPS calls

    What browser version are you using?

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    Re: HTTPS calls

    Thanks for your reply

    IE 6

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    Re: HTTPS calls

    The one problem that I am aware of is java script that generates urls that are https. If you have control over the web site, then disable https (or just open a non https port to it), record your script, and then edit the script substituting https: for http:

    Https playback works fine. its just the recording that is sometimes difficult.



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