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    Does Open STA supports .Net Application

    Hai friends,

    Will you please let me know does OPEN STA supports .Net applications

    The issue what you have listed does not exist, works fine in my machine- stupid comment from the developer

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    Re: Does Open STA supports .Net Application


    I ve recorded an application that was developed in asp.net, i saw the primary post /get requests recorded properly.

    As it was not my SUT, i chose to ignore playback and see results.! (but my guess is ..it should work)

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    Re: Does Open STA supports .Net Application

    Open STA recods the protocol used by the appliation, if the application uses http then yes OpenSTA supports .Net Application.

    hope this answers your question.

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    Re: Does Open STA supports .Net Application

    Yes. OpenSTA support .NET applications. You must however do a fair amount of work to correlate the viewtates, eventargs, etc.



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