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    Dynamic images,resources in a website.

    Dear All,

    I have one query regarding the primary GET and secondary GET statement. When we record any page from a website, OPENSTA records one primary GET statement and subsequent secondary GET statements for it resources like images, .css files etc,

    My question is what if my images in the website are dynamic like any online ecommerce site?

    Can we make our script GET requests dynamic so that it fetches every image so that correct response time can be calculated.

    Thanks & Regards
    Sandeep Arora

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    Re: Dynamic images,resources in a website.

    Yes you can make them dynamic, but you have to write the code yourself in the script.

    It's often called parametisation or corrolation and is a common activity. Usually people do it for dynamic IDs like shopping basket IDs but the same thing applies to images that change.

    You need to parse the response to the primary GET and find the names of the images, you then need to replace the image names in the subsequent GET statements with the values you get from the first response.

    Look up corrolation or parametisation in the OpenSTA portal or on this forum and you'll find some help.

    Good luck,
    Everywhere's within walking distance if you have enough time.

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    Re: Dynamic images,resources in a website.

    Thanks SteveKay

    Thanks for you reply because I am very well aware of correlation and parameterization concepts as I have used them a lot in Loadrunner and now your reply has made me confident that i need to script that and OpenSTA will not do it automatically.

    The only concern i have now is that there will be a lot of scripting involved in this because the number of images will increase/decrease which that will affect calculating response times.

    Thanks Again.
    Sandeep Arora

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    Re: Dynamic images,resources in a website.

    Hi Sandeep Arora,

    I am starter for Open STA.I have also came across the same situation which you have mentioned.

    Can you please send me a sample script to do the corrollation/parameterization.

    Please please help me.

    Adavnce thanks,

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    Re: Dynamic images,resources in a website.

    Dear veeramundra,

    You can use the below url that will give you sample as well as clear picture of how we do correlation/parameterization in OpenSTA.



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    Re: Dynamic images,resources in a website.

    Hi sandeep, Thank you so much for earlier response



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