NT Performance Monitoring of Server Machine is what I need to do, that too by sitting at client side and accessing Server Performance Metrices values.

All options for my required performance metrices, like
% processor time, memory usage etc. I can get using NT Collector. But when I use Browse Query option to access the counters at Server, I just get My machine's address only in the combobox provided for specifying the Computer address.

Now what all I will have to install or arrange, so that I can see the Server Machine's name in the combo list.

For SNMP Collector, we have Scan option to scan the accessible Computers that are running SNMP Services, but for NT Performance Collector, no such Scan option exists.

Please help, how can I do this task. My main aim is to fetch the performance status of the server side machines when I am running scripts from client side for many VUs.

I am able to access the Server via SNMP services, i.e. can see the Machine in SNMP Server list, but not for NT Performance list.

Can counter's values I get from SNMP be usefull to fulfill above needs.