Hi All,

I have a problem with OpenSTA configuration.. I thought this might be a common problem and looked the threads discussing similar issues... but could not find a solution.

I have installed OpenSTA on a machine with WinXP Prof OS (without SP2). When I start recording, it fetched the IE and I could go to the required URL and generate the script and playback it as well.

But when I have installed OpenSTA on a machine which has WinXP Prof SP2 OS, it did not fetch the IE browser when I started recording. It said "The selected browser is not found". I have gone through the similar posts and found that some browsers could not be fetched when OpenSTA starts recording. IE6 with patches from SP2 might be one of them.. I dont know..

I also found a solution from one of the posts. They suggesed to use the remote based gateway configuration. I tried that and it worked. I could generate the script through this. But there is another problem with this.

In the remote mode gateway configuration, one needs to manually set the proxy of the internet connection properties to the machine which has the OpenSTA installation and hence OpenSTA could record the actions. But when I set this, the internet connection is lost because I need to use another proxy server to connect to the internet which now no longer works.

Can anyone come across with similar issue? If so, any suggestions or findings? I tried several ways of configurations but have no luck.

Thank you very much in advance.