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Latest OpenSTA release (1.4.4)

Asking redundant questions makes it harder for others to find help. Most newbie questions can be answered here.

The OpenSTA web site is the primary source of documentation and tool news. There you can find the getting started guide, FAQ, community section (useful examples, news and announcements), and the SCL (scripting language) online reference guide. Answers to most newbie questions can be found in one of these documents. A good collection of "how to" articles can be found here.

In the event the web site is down, a pdf version of the online documents is available from an alternate site. The user documentation is mirrored at OpenSTA User Documentation Mirror Site

Finally, the answers to the majority of newbie questions can be found either in this forum or the mailing list archives by using Google. For example, Google "opensta selected browser not found" or "opensta Source Line is Too Long" will provide answer to these common problems.

Resolutions to commonly asked questions:
Source Line too long error message
How to verify results of a GET or POST
Changes to data files (.fvr) or scripts seem to be ignored
How to do correlation in OpenSTA
What causes the 10048 Address already in use errors?
Does OpenSTA work with IE8?
How to configure OpenSTA to record when you must use a proxy to access the website

Whats New:
Calling an external user defined function with example that reads a multi-column .csv file into your script
A blog series on how to use OpenSTA in the Amazon cloud can be found here.
A blog on how to use the OpenSTA demo/practice can be found here.