<LI> English is not my first language.
Just do the best you can and the users here almost always get the idea of what you're wanting to discuss. People will ask you questions about your posting if they don't understand.

<LI> How do I read these forums?
There are 4 Categories with a total of 50 forums. Browse through the list and select topics that interest you. You may reply with related questions to topics already in process, or you may post a new topic if you don't find a current discussion on what you want to talk about.

<LI> How can I find what I want to talk about?
At the upper right corner of your screen is a search tool where you can enter a term or concept and search all forums, or you can use the Advanced feature to filter your search.

<LI> What do I put in my subject?
Put as detailed description of your question/topic as possible. Many people will overlook a vague topic like Testing question but would read a topic labeled How do I add an automated testing tool to my manual testing?

<LI> I need HELP! It's URJENT!
Please refrain from using words like these in your subject line. The members and moderators spend as much time as the have to spare on this site and answer questions as quickly and effectively as they can. Adding help or ****** will not get your question answered any faster.

<LI> How do I learn how to test?
If you don't know where to begin, spend some time browsing all 50 forums to get the feel of the discussions here. Then use the search tool that you'll find in the upper right corner of your screen to look for discussions on certain terms or testing types that interest you. Then post your questions in the forum that describes those interests.

<LI> How do I learn the tools?
Above the Search tool at the upper right corner of your screen is a row of tabs. The Training Tab is 4th from the right. There are some on-line tool related classes available. And on the left side of your screen there is a column of small ads from the sponsors of these forums. You'll find that their sites have lots of tool training opportunities.

<LI> Which tool is best forů?
Every tool has strengths and weaknesses. If you have a specific question about whether or not a certain tool supports a specific technology, ask. If you want to know, for example, which tool is best for functional testing the answer is best is personal - evaluate the product based on your individual needs and choose the best fit. No one here can tell you what tool is right for you, only what tool was (or maybe wasn't) right for them.

<LI> How do I find free tools?
In the upper right corner of your screen, there is a SEARCH tool. You can search for individual words or terms, or use the 'Advanced' button to narrow your search. You can search for 'free tools' or by tool specific names. Someone has asked before.

<LI> How do I fancy up my posts?
While posting look to the left of your edit window and you will see links for HTML and Smilies. You may move to either of these while posting without losing your post. It opens another window. You can quote other posts, you can do bold lettering, italics and add a variety of smiley faces to enhance your posts.

<LI> How do I find QA Jobs?
Above the Search tool at the upper right corner of your screen is a row of tabs. The 3rd from the left is labeled jobs. That's the only place that any jobs might be listed on this set of forums. Please don't ask on the forums themselves.

<LI> How do I get QA Training?
Above the search tool located at the upper right corner of your screen is a row of tabs. The fourth one from the right is labeled Training. You'll find a list of on-line courses available here. There is also a QA Training forum near the bottom of the list of 50 forums here where training classes and seminars are announced.
<LI> How do I put up my ad?
You don't. If you want to become a sponsor here, there is a link at the top of the column of sponsors in yellow that will get you to an e-mail address where you can discuss sponsorship with the forum owners.

<LI> I can't find the right forum - now what?
If you have browsed all 50 forums, (full list of all 50 is here http://www.qaforums.com/Forum46/HTML/000361.html along with some other good information ) and have used the search tool to find your topic, and still don't know where to post, the GENERAL DISCUSSION forum is the best place to go. Please note that if a note is posted here that belongs elsewhere, the moderator may move it, and you may have to search for it.

<LI> My note is missing - what happened?
Several things could have happened. Check your settings to be sure that your view is set to read enough dates back that your post hasn't aged off of your list. Then do a search using the search tool at the top right of the forums for your topic name or use the Advanced feature of the Search tool to find all your posts by name or date. Your post may have been moved by a moderator. If it's still not located, check the rules again. You will find them on the FAQ tab on the row of tabs that is on the top left portion of your screen. You may have violated a guideline, and your post may have been deleted by a moderator.

<LI> What do all the testing words mean?
At the upper right corner of your screen is a search tool. Enter the term you're wondering about. Probably every single term and it's definition has been discussed on many of the forums. There is no glossary on these forums at this point. We are all hoping to jointly create one in the future.

<LI> What do I say in an interview to get a job?
We can help you with such things as mannerisms, professionalism, dress, deportment and body language. However, we cannot give you pat answers to interview questions. The job you are seeking wants to know what you know, not what someone else knows.

<LI> What is the answer to this test / exam question?
You won't find any test or exam answers on this forum, and asking for them is against the forum guidelines.

<LI> What is the Chit.Chat forum?
Chit.Chat is a little less formal about subject matter and personal discussions and outside interests are talked about here. We get to know each other as people outside the QA world here. Stop in and just post a 'hello' note. I guarantee someone will say 'hello' back.

<LI> Where can I find all the books?
At the upper right corner of your screen above the search tool you will see a row of tabs. The 2nd from the right is the LINKS tab. Here you will find further links to the book section, white papers, tools information, other interesting QA sites, and even a list of current discussions on these forums. It would take several pages to describe the offerings here.

<LI> Where can I get certifications ?
You can find information on some of the certifications and the companies that provide them on this post in the Training and Certification forum http://www.qaforums.com/Forum24/HTML/000285.html

<LI> Where do I join a QA group?
Towards the bottom of the list of 50 forums there is a forum named User Groups. Search through that forum for announcements, make an announcement of a user group meeting you know of, or ask about one in your locality. If you are looking for a QAI user group, you can find them all listed at; http://www.qaiusa.com/chapters.html

<LI> Why does everybody have stars?
Posting gets rewards. The General and Chit.Chat forums do not count towards the rewards, so you will not see your count increase when you post here.

<LI> What will happen if I make a mistake here?
If you've read the rules (here http://www.qaforums.com/Forum46/HTML/000224.html )and you've done your best to post correctly, nothing. Someone may explain how to correct your error, or a moderator may move, edit or delete your post. If there is a consistant attempt to break the rules (and that almost never happens) the Admin may revoke your privileges.

Enjoy the forums and Welcome!