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    Testing life cycle

    Please explain me testing life cycle. also if anyone has test plan format or template please send me.

    Thanks n regards,

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    Re: Testing life cycle

    Wow. Whole books have been written about the testing lifecycle. To boil it down into a synopsis may be a bit overwhelming.

    This forum site has a number of good forums that address questions in this area.

    I would recommend starting with any of the numerous books on the subject and searching the various forums on this site if you have specific questions.

    Or maybe just browsing those forums would answer a bunch of questions you may have.


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    Re: Testing life cycle

    Sunanda, as Blake mentioned, your question is basically the entire reason we're here. It really breaks down to a lot more than what you've asked.

    Let me address the template question first.
    In my opinion, templates sometimes cause more stumbling blocks than they they are worth. Every project is different, and not one will fit exactly into the template. I prefer to create a list of my own on what I plan to test. I'll read the requirements, and use a highlighter on the features so that when I create my test documents, I remember to test those features. Maybe a check list will help you.

    Now the testing life cycle is actually very simply described. Remember when you were about 12 and were taught how to write a composition, that it contains 3 parts. Introduction, Body & Conclusion. That's the same with the testing life cycle.
    - What you are planning to test (Test Plan)
    - What you are testing (Test cases and steps)
    - What you tested (Test Report)
    Don't forget that you will be in continuous improvement afterwards, so you will be refining your tests for the next iteration of software.

    To drill into all the details of these concepts, stick around. We've got the best professionals on the planet right here in these forums. [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]
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    STLC stands for software testing life cycle which describes Requirement Analysis,Test plan,test design,Test execution ,Defect tracking and Reporting.



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