Hey y'all,

I'm in touch with a company looking for this...

'Experience in testing socket to
socket communications or other networking protocols through test scripts.' for palm based OS's

I have worked with palm, rim, ppc for 3 years as a functional tester. They say they are looking for someone beyond the functional scope, and get into the technical details. Could this mean they are developing there own protocol/socket system? It would seem otherwise, that they would simply use the native layers/serial link protocol(SLP) and testing that in depth would be testing an already tested protocol. http://lovecraft.die.udec.cl/prog_la...on.html#942087

My questions, if anyone has a clue and spare time, are:
-How would one test a socket connection/protocol?
-Are there any good resources to come up to speed on this?
-Would analyzing whatever the packet format is then require breaking down the packet with some code - this would be over my head as my little C course didn't cover this and cause me much distress.

Thanks so much!

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