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    Distributed testing.


    Please any one help me...............

    With an example please explain distributed testing.


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    Re: Distributed testing.

    I hope this is a good help from TestComplete website


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    Re: Distributed testing.

    Without context it can mean one of 2 things.

    Coordinating multiple computers / systems to perform a single test. This is what I did a lot with my previous employer gotomeeting.com, where we needed 3+ computers to join in testing an online meeting.

    Or it can mean dividing up your test suites to run multiple tests in parallel on different computer. For example, leveraging clouds to provision and run tests on demand in parallel to speed up execution.

    The latter is probably the case when you hear this term. Most companies with 50+ test scripts in their regression suite will find themselves taking 2+ hours to run through them. They'll usually have a VM pool or cloud to provision and run these tests is 20 min. or less to make it effective in automated regression as part of continuous integration.
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    Re: Distributed testing.

    Hi All,
    According to me Distributed testing is a type of testing where the testers co-ordinates more than one systems to to test a single test.
    Multiple heterogeneous, distributed systems that are embedded in networks at multiple levels and in multiple interconnected domains, addressing large-scale inter-disciplinary common problems and purposes, usually without a common management structure.

    That is why it is also called as systems of system testing

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