I'm working on test automation for network devices (DSL router) and i'm looking for tools to control PC.

I've already built a platform built with 3 PC and a "reset BOX"
Everything is open source, runs under linux and is coded in both shell and tcl/expect scripts.

For instance the "master" PC can
Configure the DUT (Device Under Test)
Run command line programs on any PC and analyse the output.
Everything is done through serial console. The master PC got enought serial ports.

I need to include a Microsoft Windows PC into this platform.

So I'm looking for (open source/free) tools (or combination of tools) that can do the following :
runs on windows XP.
configure windows network interfaces (Ethernet, Wifi). not only IP is required, also speed, duplex mode...

control GUI based programs. Some are based in systray and not accessible directly with shortkey.

AND : the tools should be runnable from serial port !

I've looked at Python + win32all but it needs a lot of investment from my side because I don't know python and COM.

Is there simple and well documented tools for this task ?

Thanks very much for all your recommendations.