QA-Gurus [img]images/icons/grin.gif[/img] ,

What tests and tools would be needed to do proper testing for the following system components (all developed from scratch):

1. A server daemon
a. An action that is easy to trigger which populates a database.

2. A Reporter daemon
a. Which occasionally, randomized, ones a day typically, retrieves (poll) unprocessed records from above database.
b. The records will thereafter be marked as processed.
c. After awhile the database will be truncated.
d. The reporter then sends (push) https xml feed onto a Web Application.
e. Speed from reporter daemon up to Web App could range from 56kbit/s to 10 Mbit/s

3. A Web Application
a. Returning HTTP:200 ack to Reporter Daemon after XML is retrieved successfully.

For tools, for example, for the Reporter daemon, I can foresee that in order to test the system , the reporter daemon need to cater for certain test modes to force earlier poll (since QA engineer cannot sit around hope and wait for poll to happen and verify database read and writes ) :
1. trigger retrieval of unreported database records and
2. http sending of unsent xml reports.

I guess that also a mock-up of the Web App would be probably become needed that returns acknowledgements to the reporter Daemon.

And a Reporter stub harness to send, right?

And a database tool that shows database record activity, right?

What would be typical functional-, integration- and acceptance-tests for above system?