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    Testing Windows based Application

    Hi All,
    I am testing a windows based application developed in .net frame,C# language. The application uses Web Services to communicate with the server.Which also mounts a virtual drive in the system and that will be the working area for the users to update the content on the server.

    1.With this context, can anybody help in testing the software matter. what are important points to be tested right from the installation of the application in the system , using it and uninstall it.

    2.Can anybody tell , how to test the effect of System level changes on the application software installed in the system( like change in access privilege) with few examples.

    Thanking you,

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    Re: Testing Windows based Application


    What are your current thoughts with respect to your questions?

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    Re: Testing Windows based Application

    I am testing a Windows based application developed using .net framework languages(mainly C#).
    What are the important points need to test While installing the Windows Application in the system, while using the installed windows application in the system and after un installing it from the system.
    I think there are lot of more points to be observed while testing a Windows based application compared to web applications.
    I need differences between web app and windows based app and how to apply them in testing the windows based applications.


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    Re: Testing Windows based Application

    Hi Ranganatha,
    while testing the installation check:
    1. Make sure that application is properly visible in the Windows Add or Remove Programs. Also check what happens with your application if you select 'Change' or 'Remove' options there.
    2. All dependant components like dll files gets installed at the proper locations when you finsihed the setup completely.
    3.In case your application uses configuration files,check that these files are located in the respective directories.
    4.Make sure the Install App updates the environment variable "Path" to include paths e.g.
    C:\Program Files\<your application>
    5. If licensing is part of your installation process check various options like evaluation version,license file on the local copy,license copy on remotes server etc.
    6. Check proper warning messages if you 'Abort' or 'Cancel' the installation. System recovers gracefully for the next installation.
    7. Check progressbar showing the installation progess is displayed.

    while uninstalling the application:

    1. Check that all the dependanancies mentioned in the installation part are removed after successful uninstallation.

    2. Check that you are able to uninstall the application using Windows 'Add' or 'Remove'.

    Hope this helps.


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    Re: Testing Windows based Application

    Hi Ranganatha

    all the points mention in above post is correct. i want to add some points in it.

    1> Check all window user able to access the application or only one user can access it (as per setup configuration)

    2> Check all shortcuts are created properly and user able to access the application using that shortcuts.

    3> If user change location of setup from default ("c:\Program Files\Application name") to any other Location at that time no any problem comes in the user of application.

    4> check in different regional setting. Application setup must work properly in most of regional settings.




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