We're excited to let the Neotys community about the launch of our newest release, NeoLoad 4.2. While this new version contains many new features and improvements; following are a few that I think really stand out:

- NeoLoad 4.1 adds the ability to identify performance issues sooner by introducing load and performance testing earlier in the application life cycle. NeoLoad's new Jenkins plug-in allows for integration into the Jenkins Continuous Integration tool so that NeoLoad tests can now be automatically executed as part of your periodic build-cycles. Additionally, NeoLoad will now return load test results back to Jenkins so that performance result test results trends can be easily viewed through the Jenkins UI. This feature is built into the NeoLoad infrastructure and comes without additional cost.

- If your organization is developing (or thinking about developing) applications using WebSocket technology, NeoLoad 4.2 becomes the first load testing tool to offer support for this. The WebSocket protocol is usually implemented using a push-type framework and NeoLoad's unique "Fork" action allows for easy support for this technology. As with all other web technologies, NeoLoad's "script-less" UI makes developing and customizing WebSocket-based User Profiles a painless task.

- NeoLoad's already-existing ability to integrate with APM tools (Dynatrace and CA APM) is extended with its new module allowing for integration with AppDynamics (Application Performance Monitoring and Management from AppDynamics).

- Additional technology support includes new monitoring modules for Mongo DB as well as the Kaazing application server.

More details can be found at the following link:

Web Stress Testing Tool - NeoLoad New Features