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    Need Suggestion on Automation Tool for MobileApp

    Hi ALL,

    We are looking for an Automation tool that can help us automate our mobile application...

    The App when launched, displays the front end, to operate on the functionalities.

    Use Case Example:
    App when opened on two computers, text message sent from app one computer is received on the other comp.Its now required to check the sent message against recieved one.

    Is there a tool that supports this environment.

    Thanks in advance

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    Re: Need Suggestion on Automation Tool for MobileApp


    Questions relating to mobile devices are better posted here,
    http://www.sqaforums.com/postlist.ph...mp;Board=UBB29 , as this part of the forum is dedicated to mobiles.

    To answer you question, you may need to provide more information. What O/S is your mobile application running on (Symbian, WindowsCE, etc...) and what platform (PDA, Smartphone, etc..)? What language is it developed in?, is it thin or thick client?

    Mobile tools, IMO, tend to be less generic, and more vendor specific, which in turn may affect you approach to testing.



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    Re: Need Suggestion on Automation Tool for MobileApp


    What are the characteristics of your device? What OS does the device have?



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