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    System Integration Testing for comminication equipments

    Hi All:

    Can anyone provide some online links or information on how to do System Integration Testing for communication gadgets such as mobile phones,PDA'S,Pocket PCS and others. I am new to this field and I have been offered to do a task as a System Integration Tester.


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    Re: System Integration Testing for comminication equipments

    First identify all the modules involved in testing every communicaton gadget. The testcases should be prepared in such a manner that the complete flow should be involved.
    Take a single feature and test it completely.
    Depict the test cases such that all the modules are involved.

    Thanks & Regds

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    Re: System Integration Testing for comminication equipments


    For software in general, and systems involving potentially weak communications links in particular, it is vital you have carried out and are satisfied with your unit testing prior to commencing any systems integration testing. The reason for this is that systems integration testing is testing how the system performs as a whole, and isolating errors in systems involving pda communications links can be difficult and time consuming. Thus you must be confident that all the individual components of the system work to the required standards prior to testing the system as a whole.

    When carrying out tests on systems that include communications components, I usually try to ensure that I can replace the hardware specific communications layers with a file based alternative such that I can easily isolate communications issues to hardware or software. For example, if i get failed communications transactions using a PDA over a GPRS or GSM connection, the first thing to do is replace the GPRS/GSM connection with a direct LAN connection to determine if the problem relates to the over the air communications. Often in situations are dealing with 3rd party networks, the developers will blame the network for every little comms problem, rather than face the possibility of a local software bug. Therefore it is imperative to have a mechanism to isolate such issues.

    Another area to consider and test thoroughly on any PDA communications system is fail-over. That is what happens to partial and failed communications sessions. e.g. if the battery fails or a user goes out of coverage. A good system should include proper session level two phase commit to handle such situations. If you are testing mobile communications you should also test network coverage levels for remote users as part of your systems integration testing, along with backup communications media where the network becomes unavailable.

    These are just a couple of items that come to mind. If you are entering the arena of communications testing for mobile workforces, you should already have extensive experience of mobile communications technologies. You can't hope to test anything you don't fully understand.

    For a bit of light reading, GPRS and 3G Wireless applications, (Christopher Anderssson ISBN 0-471-414-5-0), isn't bad and has a good chapter on testing. If you google, you will also find a number of good books out there on more general communications issues such as RS232, TCP/IP, ActiveSync, etc...





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