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    need advice on mobile app black testing.

    Dear Friends:
    I am just switching to a SQA in a mobile design house. My job is to test the final mobile application. It's black test. I want to know is there any tool can be used to improve the process?For example, I will test a EMS app soon, I hope can find a way to prepare and save the testing message before hand but right now, I can only design them.
    any guidance regarding this will be greatly appreciated.

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    Re: need advice on mobile app black testing.

    I read this a few times, and am not sure what you are asking, so maybe some clarification.

    If you are testing the EMS app, when you perform the testing, what format do you expect the final test to utilize? I.e. are you using some sort of a tool (UTS, a DM, CAIT, automated tool, etc.) that will let you retrieve the message in a particular format (like a bitmap image from the handset)? If so, do you have an emulator with the same characteristics as the actual device, can you get the source data from the emulator?

    Bottom line is you need to decide what format you will expect data in the live test scenario, and then determine how you can get your source data in that format prior to the test.



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