“Oracle9i Database Administration: Recover Databases ” (Oracle, ch.32), says that the database failures are classified as:
• Database statement-failure
• Database-Instance Failure
• Database-User-Process Failure
• Database-Media Failure

If we consider a mobile application to be the last mile problem and test the database issues. We would according to my understanding test for these failures as they are generic to any database.

There are some mobile specific databases like the Sybase SQL Anywhere Studio 8.0, Oracle9i Lite, Microsoft SQL Server CE, PointBase RDBMS and the list goes on with newer additions.

1) Are there any specific issues/risks that are
inherent to these mobile databses?
2) What are the risks with the mobile database
3) Is there any literature on testing such

I shall be obliged if I get some info on how to start with the risk analysis of the mobile database, in particular issues that are specific to a database driven mobile application.