Do you need automated tool for PDA testing ??
"Event hunter" release will be soon ...

The product is on QA stage now. We are planning to release a beta
in a couple of weeks.

PalmOS Test Suite

The Aim

PalmOS Test Suite is oriented for automate testing of applications on
the devices controlled by Palm OS or on PalmOS Emulator.
PalmOS Test Suite automates testing to ensure that applications work as
expected. Automated testing can help
human error, speed up test turnaround time, and cut costs during regression
testing. Although automating the
testing process
initially requires an investment of time and thought, you will recover that
up-front effort by the time your
product ships.

The program consists of two parts:
Palm parts - PalmOS Event Recorder
and PC parts - PalmOS Test Runner.

PalmOS Event Recorder allows to record the user's actions on device
running Palm OS or on Palm OS Emulator. PalmOS Test Runner -
it allows to reproduce the user's actions on Palm OS Emulator.

Testing Process
Testing process consists of three stages: tests' creation, tests'
reproducing and the analysis of the tests passed.

Tests' creation:
The tests are created with recording of user's actions with Palm Event
Recorder, which records the
operations you perform on GUI objects in your applications done on
Palm OS Emulator or on a device controlled by Palm OS. A test recorded
is a database file logDB, which keeps sequence of user's actions recorded.
The following actions are recorded: low-level actions - pressing the
surface with stylus, reset and device's turn on/ off, and high-level
actions - running the device, pressing on the control elements (buttons,
listbs, popup lists, tables etc.)
and hardware buttons etc. The actions are saved in pdb-file necessary
for test's reproducing.

Tests' reproducing:
When you run the test Palm Test Runner emulates a user, reproducing
his actions into applications in Palm OS Emulator.
Pressing on screen's surface with sylus, turn on/off actions and
resets are repeated. It's possible to add breakpoints to the test
sequence. Breakpoints pause a test run at pre-determined points, enabling
you to identify
flaws in your test.
It's also possible to change the time intervals between actions to
make test faster or to look it through more carefully. You also can
add comments to test.
It's possible to reproduce tests in two modes: play mode and debug mode
Play mode - user's actions sequence is repeated with certain time
delays. In debug mode the breakpoints set by user are considered.



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