Hi all,

I work as a tester for a small company that has developed a game played via web browsers. Until now the majority of testing has been manual. This is largely where my experience lies.
To expand their audience, they have recently created a hybrid app in order to use the existing HTML 5 code with the inclusion of some native features/SDKs.

This is largely successful across most devices, however we appear to be receiving a couple of low ratings on some devices with complaints about performance and the app closing unexpectedly. We believe this to be memory related. I have attempted using Chrome developer tools USB debugging to track any memory leaks however once the application closes the recorded information is not preserved or accessible.

While the development team are now going to go over the code to attempt some optimisation. If possible I would like to offer some sort of direction to point them to the areas that require optimising or other causes to consider.
I'm looking for any advice, or material(articles/tutorials), on how to retrieve more information from the application? Or possibly any tools that may be considered helpful in tracking down the root of these issues?

Thanks for any help in advance!