Hey all;
Haven't been around for awhile - busy with conferences and then my own computer died. I just recently found my login/password for this site too. Crazy life!

But new announcement - I will be guest facilitating Weekend Testing Session for Australia/New Zealand on 11/30 2pm AEDT timezone. For those in the USA, the time translates to 10pm EST/7pm PST Friday, 11/29 (Black Friday).

What we will be doing is exploring skills in combining test types to cover as much testing as we can in a short amount of time. We'll be doing exercises to specifically address these very short time lines in our mobile projects but really these skills can translate to testing desktop and web applications. So plan your calendar accordingly as surely this will be a fun session. I will expect a lively round of discussions and hopefully we can inspire each other.

Details can be found on how to join in here:
WTANZ 17 ? Combinatorial Testing for Mobile Devices | Weekend Testing