I will be conducting a full day Tutorial Session with my co-presenter Jon Hagar on how to attack the daunting task of Mobile and Embedded Software Testing. This is one conference you do not want to miss out on. The theme of this year's conference: Lessons Learned by real practitioners of software testing. You will come away with practical approaches and steps to use in your own testing immediately. Not only can you take away these skills but interact with other testers to gain further inspiration by participating in the many activities which make this conference unique.

My tutorial description is below but, take a look at the other tutorials as well. Anne-Marie Charrett is a fantastic speaker and has extensive experience in teaching, coaching and mentoring. If you're a software lead, test manager or executive, this session is well worth your time.

Paul Holland is yet another experienced tester who spent many years testing large complex systems. He is a fantastic speaker and mentor. If you are working in an Agile environment, not sure how to start a project, Paul will give you some real life methods to be successful in your task.

My tutorial:
Today's expectations for many software testers include addressing mobile and embedded devices. Unfortunately for many companies, churning out complex or critical mobile and embedded applications while keeping pace with emerging technologies is fast becoming the norm rather than the exception it was just a few years ago. Competitive pressures place a burden on software testing resources to succeed with shortened project schedules, minimal strategic planning and/or staff new to mobile and embedded software.

In the style of James Whittaker’s Books on breaking software, Jon Hagar and Jean Ann Harrison will provide specific in depth test attacks aimed at uncovering common mobile-embedded software bugs. The session provides an opportunity to gain a basic introduction to a series of attacks which are based on industry error taxonomy. Exercises to test for bugs within software on real devices will give attendees hands-on testing experience. Attacks are applicable to software systems include: mobile-smart phones, medical systems, automotive devices, avionics systems, and industrial devices.

The tutorial is hands on, so bring your mobile devices (smart phones, tablets or any mobile device). Also, we will provide some devices (robots and games) so attendees can practice some attacks. The goal of the session is to give attendees practical test attacks for use on their future mobile and embedded software projects.

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