We had a large group attend which was very exciting. Due to my computer hard drive dying, I was not able to use my laptop, so I was forced to facilitate in a very limited fashion from my tablet. I type so much faster on my laptop keyboard. And because of me promising to facilitate the 2hr session which could not be fulfilled, I am going to be doing a similar session in March. There will be 2 sessions where anyone can gain some experience on mobile testing and gaining a new perspective on your mobile devices. Stay tuned, as I will make those announcements shortly once we settle on the exact dates.

However, we still managed quite a bit of testing using various configurations: iPads, iPad mini, Android phones, Android tablets, mobile websites, mobile native applications and the observations were enlightening. My hope in these sessions is for all of us to gain a more open perspective in how we view our mobile testing. I want testers to recognize the need for critical thinking involved in testing an application we already are very familiar (a k a Facebook). How do we test vs how do we use a mobile application?

The report can be found at:
Note: This is a long detailed report. I did add some commentary based on the observations at the end of the report. If you follow my posts, then you're probably not going to be surprised by the comments I added.