Someone had asked me yesterday about the amount of ads he saw on his mobile phone when viewing FaceBook. He was curious if these ads showed up on everyone's mobile phones and tablets or if it was phone specific. Note: he's not a software tester.

I don't usually use my phone for Facebook and instead use my laptop. I had not used my phone for FB in almost 20hrs which is an interesting note. The reason? When I went to look at my news feed, I saw the ONLY new post for the last 20hrs was a post someone put up in the last 2 minutes. Yet, I checked my desktop version where the news feed contained loads of posts from the last 20hrs including my own. I didn't see any ads at all, just my news feed. He was using an iPhone, I used my Android phone and I didn't check my tablet.

So this got me to thinking about testing and comparing the overall behavior of FaceBook on different mobile devices. What other things do we see, notice? And was curious if anyone else has noticed anything different?

Is the reason why I didn't see the mobile ads because I have the Android Mobile version of FaceBook on my phone while my friend has the Apple version?
Does my tablet show the same news feed behavior that my phone does as it's also Android?

Are the differences one sees in FB Mobile because of the mobile version of the FB software is different from the desktop/laptop version of software?
Does the operating system make a difference from device to device?
Does the device make a difference: mobile phone over tablet?

Anyone else have any observations they would like to share here?

Finally Weekend Testers America on 2/9, we're going to be doing a session on this very subject. I'll be facilitating. If you would like to join me, keep watch here for the details. Or feel free to ping me.