Welcome: Hello everyone, Since I'm working as QA Manager on mobile applications I found this forum informative for me. I will also share my knowledge and looking forward to exchange the information.

Preface: I am running the survey within the scope of my diploma thesis. The subject of the work is „Development and analysis of methods for efficiency improvement the platform test on MIDP Java”.

Objective: We can find, identify and intercept the most relevant error sources. So the estimated test costs can be potentially analysed, calculated and optimised.

Target audience: The survey is primarily for developers and testers with Java ME background. Also other interested people can try not so difficult questions.

Short description: To find the error sources faster and better the known issues should be analysed. Out of the analysis we can make conclusions about applications behaviour. Same errors can appear either at the next test or at another device. The survey give answers to the question: which error sources of MIDP applications are relevant?

Motivation: All participants will become after the survey the complete analysis results. Therefore please note the information at the end of survey.

Survey URL: survey at onlineumfragen.com

I hope to see your feedback and filled answers. Please feel free to ask me questions.

Many thanks