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    I want a book forwindows mobile device application

    I have to basically develop an tool for testing ,windows mobile devices.I am an begineer in this field ,So, can anybody suggest me some gud book in this regard as well as can guide me how to proceed further in this field.


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    Re: I want a book forwindows mobile device application


    QAgirl has made some excellent suggestions. I think you should start there.


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    Re: I want a book forwindows mobile device application

    FWIW, I listed some of the references I use on a previous thread here. They primarily relate to the specifics of the underlying technologies rather than testing per se. In addition to these, I like Elfriede Dustin's 'Effective Software Testing' which compliments the others, being all about testing and nothing to do with embedded.

    If the system being tested is still at design stage, Kent Beck's 'Test Driven Development' is also a very interesting read, and gives some great insight into a different appoach of how to factor quality into your solution. I haven't applied TDD myself yet, but would definitely go down this route for any new development, particulary embedded. I say particularly embedded, because embedded testing can be expensive, and unit testing works out comparitevely cheaper.



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