Any one is having thought of difference between Automatic Active data wizard and Active data advanced wizard.
I have one query about Automatic active data wizard, when I had developed an Active data wizard script with the help of Automatic active data wizard, for a blank MS - Excel sheet, It was taking for Username and Password filed as A, for two SetTextMethod, instead of A and B, can any one help on this, WHY IT IS HAPPENING IN THIS CASE .Please find the sample script as below for your information .

Dim Demo_Row As TActiveDataRow
Dim Demo_ActiveData As TActiveData
Set Demo_ActiveData = LoadActiveData("Demo")

For Each Demo_Row In Demo_ActiveData

' Attach to Login Window
Window("Login Window").Attach
EditBox("Label='Agent Name:'").Click
EditBox("Label='Agent Name:'").SetText Demo_Row.GetString("A")
EditBox("Label='Password:'").SetPasswordText Demo_Row.GetString("A")


Kindly let me know, if you need any more information.

Thanks in Advance!