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    handle processing time

    I am using TP to automate Mainframe screens. When I click on some Function key to retrieve the values it takes some to get the values on the screen till that time my script need to wait and run once the values are appeared.

    My script has to wait until the values are appeared, how do I handle this kind of situations ?

    If I keep sleep I cannot say how much time it takes to get the values on the screen.

    I am not able to implment wait method also.

    When the query is in process state there is a clock symbol on the screen

    do suggest me how to handle the process time.

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    Re: handle processing time

    I appologize to everyone if this has already been addressed in another thread but I like to go back sometimes and make sure that everything gets answered. I hate posting on a forum and getting no response but 500 views. Geeez!, at least drop in and say hi. [img]/images/graemlins/grin.gif[/img]

    This is probably the most common problem when working with emulators and there are a couple of things you can try to get around this.

    You could create a bitmap event that looks for the clock image to not be found. It's one of the options during the creation of the bitmap event. Then set the time for the event to 0 which should cause it to wait until the event occurs before continuing.

    If your lucky enough to be using an emulator such as Attachmate Extra Personal Client you can use it's COM interface to drive the whole thing and you don't have to worry about synchronization. It even provides VBA documentation for it's interface which is quite convenient.

    If your not using Attachmate you should still check to see if your emulator has any available referrences by searching the reference list in TP.



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