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Thread: TP6 & Vista

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    TP6 & Vista

    I spoke to a Compuware rep and found that TP6 already works with vista although officially they will not be support it until v6.1. The rep has also suggested that it's worth trying this out.

    For info.
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    Re: TP6 & Vista

    It may support some areas but I have found many 'intersting' features.

    Such as:
    It will not record against some GUI apps that are fine on XP.
    You can't use the Start menu at all.
    Bitmap checks/events may or may not work

    As TP6.1 is due out in the new year (and supports Vista) I would suggest waiting until then.
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    Re: TP6 & Vista

    Hi, I have already tried TP6.0 on vista and I was not succesful. Then I contacted the support person and according to him, TP6.1 beta will only support Vista.

    Not sure if there is any other way to work with TP6.0 with Vista?



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