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    Oracle Forms 10g vs. Test Partner

    Does anyone know how to get Test Partner to recognise the fields within an Oracle 10g form? Do i need to 'tick' certain options from the 'Tools', 'Reference' menu?

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    Re: Oracle Forms 10g vs. Test Partner

    It's been a long time since I've used Oracle forms so I cannot provide any specifics to wether there is a way to make it work but I do not think there is any specific support for 10g forms. There is support though for 11i EBS.

    You may want to contact compuware support to see if they can provide you with any success stories that they may have received.

    Usually if there is no support out of the box, adding it in isn't really possible unless it has a COM interface or .NET assembly.

    You could try alias mapping controls but I dont think that it will work for Oracle objects.

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    Re: Oracle Forms 10g vs. Test Partner

    Yes it is supported only if you have TestPartner 6.1 with the SP 277.

    If you have any older version you might have issues.
    You also might want to make sure that the Oracle server has the expose_object_names=YES to the original URL.

    See attachement for Oracle server settings.
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