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    Problem in opening databae

    Hi Experts,

    I am trying to access DB2 database with the following code.

    sConn = "Provider=Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0;dsn=as400test;ui d=jradha1;pwd=(Password here) "
    sSQL = "SELECT * FROM lscmhd"
    db.ConnectionString = sConn

    When I run this code,it is showing up an error in db.open saying cannot find installable ISAM .Can anybody pls. tell me what this error signifies and how to resolve this?

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    Re: Problem in opening databae

    I can't be sure since I'm not a DB2 expert, but is DB2 supported by the microsoft jet engine? I thought that was for MSAccess??

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    Re: Problem in opening databae

    This is the info from http://www.connectionstrings.com/ for DB2.

    OLE DB, OleDbConnection (.NET) from Microsoft


    Provider=DB2OLEDB;Network Transport Library=TCPIP;Network Address=XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX;Initial Catalog=MyCtlg;Package Collection=MyPkgCol;Default Schema=Schema;User ID=myUsername;Password=myPassword;


    Provider=DB2OLEDB;APPC Local LU Alias=MyAlias;APPC Remote LU Alias=MyRemote;Initial Catalog=MyCtlg;Package Collection=MyPkgCol;Default Schema=Schema;User ID=myUsername;Password=myPassword;

    IBM's OLE DB Provider (shipped with IBM DB2 UDB v7 or above)


    Provider=IBMDADB2;Database=myDataBase;Hostname=myS erverAddress;Protocol=TCPIP;Port=50000; Uid=myUsername;Pwd=myPassword;


    Driver={IBM DB2 ODBC DRIVER};Database=myDataBase;Hostname=myServerAddre ss;Port=1234;Protocol=TCPIP;Uid=myUsername;Pwd=myP assword;



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