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Thread: Access mdb file

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    Access mdb file

    I need to compare two .mdb files created by current and regression versions of our application. Is there any way that TestPartner can access the tables in the .mdb files and run queries on them?

    Does anyone know of any good third-party tools to compare .mdb files? The db files don't have any primary keys, and preferably, I'd like to choose which columns to use in the comparison.
    I found 'Compare Database', which unfortunately, uses AND instead of OR when comparing the columns. And the other was 'Access Diff', which uses an OR, but doesn't allow you to select which columns to use in the comparison...
    TestPartner 6.1.0 Build 242
    SQL Server 2005
    IE 6.0 / 7.0

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    Re: Access mdb file

    Why don't you use ADOs? Using ADOs you can access the tables in the .mdb files and you can run queries on them.

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    Re: Access mdb file

    Compuware has FileAid C/S which can do what you are looking for. http://www.compuware.com/dl/FACS_Fact_Sheet.pdf



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