This is my first post here but i am using test partner for about 4 monthís now. I have a very simple problem but my solution doesnít work and I canít find out why not. I have a webpage that doesnít use static index numbers so I use the innertext values. But there is a screen that has the same innertext valueís so I need another solution. The parent object has an column and row number. So I attach to the parent and search for the innertext in the child. But this does not work.
These are the screens:

This is my code:

HTMLTD("Row='10' Column='4'").Attach 'the TD with the link to the Span that i want to click.

HTMLSpan("InnerText='Selecteer alle'", tpAttachChild).Click

I thought this would work but it doesnít it clickís on the left 'Selecteer alle' and I donít now why.