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    Run script in non-Common project in diff. project


    Sorry I think this post originally ended up in the TestManager forum by mistake, it should have been posted here under TestPartner.

    I've got a problem that I can't seem to find a solution for, or at least not a simple one.

    I have created a script for each different product we have in it's own Project area. So Project A contains a script for Application A. Each script has its own user form. I therefore need to pass values to it as well before it can be run.

    We have a new product that sits over the top of all the other products which logs you in and then lets you use a product of your choice as well as various other things. I'd like to keep the script for this new product in a separate project if I can. But I'd also like to call the appropriate script for the chosen application so I can re-use my existing scripts.

    So is it possible for the master script to run the secondary scripts, passing them values, if they're all in different projects?

    I can't seem to TPInclude things in different projects to get access to them (which I didn't actually expect to work anyway), and I don't really want to migrate lots of stuff into Common.

    So ideally I want to get:
    Master Script in Project A to pass values to Secondary Script in Project B and then invoke the Secondary Script using the Run command. Is there an easy way to do this?

    Many thanks.


    NOTE: In the original thread someone suggested I move my scripts into Common so they can communicate with each other.

    The problem with this is that all the scripts have various dependancies. I've tried to keep the majority of the functional stuff in modules in each project that the script includes and then uses them (for maximal reusability). As far as I can tell, the Common area is available to all Projects, but not all Projects are visible to the Common area?

    I only say this because I tried to call Run from inside a Common module to run a script inside another Project, and the Common module couldn't see the scripts inside that Project. I tried '$TPInclude'ing everything I could see, but it just refused to acknowledge the other Project.

    Therefore if I copied the scripts into the Common area, I would have to move all modules into the Common area as well. Which isn't good if I want to keep things reasonably separate.

    At the moment the only way round it I can see is writing the values necessary to a text file (if you invoke a script using the command line, any set variables are lost in the new instance, unsurprisingly, so I have to store them somewhere persistently, hence the text file), invoking the 2nd script using the command line route and then getting the 2nd script to check if this file exists, and if so read in these values and use them. Which is a tad messy. I was hoping there might be an easier way of letting Projects communicate with each other but still keeping them separate.

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    Re: Run script in non-Common project in diff. project

    A script in a project can only access assets in its own project or the common project.



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