Hi everyone, i got a HTML file where there is a text area which contains XML dats and a submit button, when i click the submit button it will take me to product page, HTML file is gateway to getin and to print the application. normally to fill the application the user can use the sidemenu and select the product and enter the details, but to print we need admin rights, problem is when the admin username is enter the sidemenu is not displayed, so i got this gateway HTML file to getin to print, First i will enter as admin and then i will open the gateway HTML file and Click submit buttton which take me product page and i can navigatee to the printing details and print out. i need help to include this gateway in script, how should i do that?. i tried to use Window("Application=IEXPLORE.EXE Caption='N:\CLIENTS\nxxduerd\serdercardser\iosment Project ty0125464\e - Microsoft Internet Explorer'".attach
and click submit button , but this is not invoking the html file in the directory.