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    Email Listener within TP

    Is there anyway to monitor an email box from within TP?

    For our application, after I drop a file, I need to wait for an email to arrive at an email box, and use the attachment on that email. Is there anyway to do this from within TP without having to use a HTML based email client?
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    Re: Email Listener within TP

    Can you just open MS Outlook and check to see if the Statusbar changes by 1 number? Of course if you get a email from someone else it will produce a false positive, so maybe check the grid is comming from where you want?

    Just a thought.
    Richard DeMers
    QA Software Tester

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    Re: Email Listener within TP

    You could script it using a command line email client, but its a pain.

    Is your email server exchange? or linux based? If its a linux email server, you can use secure copy from putty (pscp.exe), to copy the spool file off the linux email server and then decode the atttachment (uudecode or base64 decode) to use it.

    You could use outlook web access.

    Opening outlook will work, but that is not transportable to other machines (different user acct, outlook versions, etc).

    Also, using the company email server is a bad idea because you do not have control over it. IT will push out updates or filter emails and attachments and you can't stop them.

    I guess a better question is, what exactly do you need to do? Maybe there is a better answer than what has been written so far.
    Ryan McCullough
    RightNow Tech. Inc.

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    Re: Email Listener within TP

    After researching this topic, I think trying to actually interface with emails would be too troublesome so I went to look for other approaches.

    I realized that our system can output a file (which is also attached to the emails, which was what I was trying to capture) to a specified folder, so I'm going to have it do that, and then have TP keep checking for the file to appear.

    In another test, we usually check for the arrival of an email to signal us that an import job is done, but I realized that I could just monitor the database for a new entry in the job log table.

    Thanks for all the help!
    TestPartner 6.1.0 Build 242
    SQL Server 2005
    IE 6.0 / 7.0



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