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    Getting Internert Explorer error

    Im trying to close the Internet Explorer window in my script.I have to do this activity everytime after the completion of one cycle.

    When I repeat this many times the Internet Explorer starts giving error.Which asks the user to send the error report.
    At present Iam using Window.close method to close the window.
    Can anyone suggest a better way to close the window which may not corrupt the Explorer.

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    Re: Getting Internert Explorer error

    The problem may not be with the iexplorer. Check if your OS is updated and has all the patches available.
    - alkamist

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    Re: Getting Internert Explorer error

    Hey I have not resolved this problem yet.

    TP generates this error when I try to run the script on an XP machine with service pack 2.
    Can this be any of the reasons for the error to occur.

    Can u tell me the compatibilty of TP with Windows XP.
    And with which operating system is TP most compatible.

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    Re: Getting Internert Explorer error

    What version and service pack for TP?

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    Re: Getting Internert Explorer error

    I have tried running the scripts on :

    TP version 5.4.0 and windows XP service pack 2
    TP version 5.3.0 and windows 2003 server



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