This code was working but if the DocLevelS = "L" (for Low) it click in the title of the window and not the table even if I attach to the table.
<font class="small">Code:</font><hr /><pre>
If DocLevelS &lt;&gt; "First" Then
For X = 1 To norows - 1 And DocLevelS &lt;&gt; "First"
If UCase$(Trim$(tablex.CellText(X, 0))) &lt;&gt; UCase$(Trim$(DocLevelS)) Then
continue = True
continue = False
'HTMLSpan("InnerText=*" &amp; DocLevelS).Click 2, 2

' HTMLBrowser("Caption='Lookup: Doc. Level'").Attach

HTMLSpan("InnerText=*" &amp; DocLevelS).Click 2, 2
'HTMLSpan("Collateral_ID_Search").Click 1, 5

Window("Net ProMerit").Attach
Exit Do
End If
Next X

'Window("Net ProMerit").Attach
</pre><hr />

[image]D:\My Local Documents\snap1.bmp[/image]

Any Poniters?