I have a form with a grid on which my script is feeding some data. If for example, the data being entered is incorrect (e.g. duplicate value), a validation msg is displayed. I'm successfully handling all unexpected dialogs using a windows event monitor. However, i have observed that the event monitor is not triggered in a TIMELY manner [although WindowEventType = tpWindowEvent_Create]. The issue is that, when an UNEXPECTED MODAL DIALOG is displayed, until my event is triggered, for a couple of seconds TP continues to feed data on the grid (which a manual user cannot do!).

My questions are:

1. Is it possible to control the polling frequency of a widows event? I have been exploring this possibility with no success.

2. How do i (immediately) prevent TP from continuing with the data entry if an unexpected modal dialog is encountered?
3. Is there any other solution that i'm not able to think of?