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    Infragistics and sub-entity identification

    I'm new to TP, and have been having a play using our app, the problem is we use infragistics which gives me trouble attaching and identifying controls within controls. I@ve read through all the topics on here related to Infragistics and 3rd party controls, and was wondering if it is indded possible to make identification on a lower level simpler.
    For example, we have an explorer bar (very much like Outlook 2003) which contains links to different functions depending on what tab you are on. However TP recognises the entire explorer bar and not items within it.
    Is it possible to write code (I am not good at this either but am working on it as I speak) that will make a more simplistic yet accurate identification of the explorerbar items?

    I tried haing a go and this is what I wrote...please no laughing I am a beginner coder as well so this may be complete garbage, but hopefully it illustrates the point I am trying to make...
    TP wrote this bit of code for doing what I propose after:-
    ' Attach to Name=explorerBar
    ' ClassName=WindowsForms10.Window.8.appb
    GUIObject("Name=explorerBar ClassName=WindowsForms10.Window.8.appb").Attach
    GUIObject.TextSelect "Individual"

    Zoe wants to write...
    'First select the explorer bar as a whole
    Dim Explorer As UltraExplorerBar
    Set Expolorer = GUIObject("Name=explorerBar ClassName=WindowsForms10.Window.8.appb").Object

    'Next Select the entity within the explorer bar
    Dim Indiv As UltraExplorerBarItem
    Set Indiv = GUIObject.TextSelect "Individual"

    NewIndiv = Explorer.Indiv
    Then with any luck instead of struggling to open a new individual by attaching to a global explorer bar which half the time it doesn't attach to,I could write

    NewIndiv.Click (or whatever the convention is)

    I hope this makes sense [img]images/icons/confused.gif[/img]
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    Re: Infragistics and sub-entity identification

    I mess with Infragistics a lot, but not exactly sure what you are asking. My tools have toolbars, but not explorebars. Are they the same if so I can probably help. Let me know, (I don't always look at QA Forums, so you can email me at rdemers25@gmail.com.
    Richard DeMers
    QA Software Tester



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