Hi all

I'm new to using Testpartner and am having problems checking if an image is displayed in a specific area of the page.

The application I'm testing is an HTML one and the validation on the page displays an image next to any required fields if they have not been populated. The problem is that the image is the same for all fields and so can appear multiple times on any page but I need to check it is displayed (or not) for specific fields.

Each field is located within its own Div area on the page so I assumed that if I attached to the div area and then used bitmapselect within that area it would work ok. But the bitmapselect seems to check the whole page for the bitmap rather than just the area I want, so if the image is not displayed in the div area I'm searching within but it is displayed somewhere else on the screen it still selects it.

An extract of my code is shown below:


If (HTMLDiv(theFieldName).BitmapSelect("ErrorImage", tpMouseSingleClick)) Then
result = 1
GoTo end_function
result = -1
errorMessage = "Image in '" & theFieldName & "' not found"
End If

Where theFieldName is the ID of the DIV area I want to check and errorImage is an image map.

Any help would be appreciated.