Hello friends,

TestPartner identifies the various fields in all of our application windows as "GUI objects". At any point of time, TestPartner considers only the field that is highlighted as a "GUI object". It considers all other unhighlighted fields of the window as the window itself and not as separate objects. Due to this, TestPartner is able to read text from only the highlighted field of a window (using CaptureText) at any point of time. If we need to read text from a field that is currently unhighlighted, we need to press the "Tab" key the required number of times inorder to get the field hightlighted and then read the text in it. But the problem is that there are some fields in some of the windows of our application which do not get highlighted at all no matter how many times the "Tab" key is pressed. I do not know how to make TestPartner read text from these fields. Any help towards solving this would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in Advance

P.S: Even if we use the screen coordinates of the entire window in the capture text command, TestPartner reads only the text from the highlighted field with question marks for all other fields like the following:
"?????????????????????"highlighted text"?????????????????????????"